If you work with cars in Conroe, TX, be it at a dealership, a detail shop, or even a car wash, you know that the exterior isn’t everything. The interior must be impeccable if you want to satisfy your customers. You can trust C & B Chemical, Inc. to get you the cleaning products you need for the job.

We Know What You Need

We have over 35 years of experience making and distributing specialty chemicals. Our goal is for our products to be effective, efficient, and environmentally sound. You can trust us to get you a safe, quality product for a low price. Our cleaners let you do your job quickly and easily and make a bigger profit. Order our unique supplies to see what they can do.

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If you need an automotive interior upholstery cleaner, take a look at your options below. We’re sure you can find something that fits your needs. If you have questions or want to place an order, give us a call at 936.756.2014. You can also use the contact form on the right-hand side of this page. Call today to get a product perfect for your business and your customers.