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Absorber Drying Towel



The Absorber High Performance Drying Towel. It is made for use on a wide variety of surfaces to replace a towel, sponge or a chamois. Use them to dry cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles and boats. The car drying towel is stored wet and ready to use in a handy plastic tube. It is easy to machine-wash and reuse after soiling and it is lint-free. It has a super-soft feel and creates streak-free shine on shower screens, tiles, mirrors and glass. It is designed not to scratch surfaces or remove wax from vehicles. This auto-drying towel has a super-absorbent pore structure that gives it the enhanced efficiency. That makes the Absorber High Performance Drying Towel an ideal choice for vehicle detailing, boating and home use.

Size 27" x 17" 


Directions for use

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